Three Saints Park

Three Saints Park Reminders and Recommended Supply list

Cleaning: many times, the facilities are used the next day.  To provide the next user with a venue, that is clean, safe and orderly - all we ask is that you leave the facilities in the same condition as when you received it.  This includes but is not limited to removing decorations, replacing tables to their original position, sweeping and mopping the floors. Trash containers shall be emptied into the park’s dumpster and new garbage bags inserted for the next user.  Inadequate cleaning shall result in forfeiture of the Security/Cleaning Deposit.

Noise: the park is surrounded by family residences and many of them are in the midst of raising small children so we ask that the noise levels be adjusted accordingly.  It is the responsibility of Applicant to control such things as music, speakers, boisterous participants, etc.  Failure to control may result in closing of event, forfeiture of monetary considerations, in addition to any civil or criminal charges that may result.

Sample supply list of other Users

-          Food.

-          Ice & ice containers.

-          Charcoal or Propane.

-          Napkins, Condiments, etc.

-          Table cloth hold down clips.

-          Picnic table cloths: 14 picnic tables (the majority being 29 inches

Suggested Supplies by User

-          Liquid dish soap for kitchen.

-          Liquid hand soaps for restrooms. (4)

-          Paper towels for kitchen, men’s room & women room.

-          Paper/plastic dinner ware (plates, cups, knives, forks etc.).

-          Cleaning materials i.e. bleach, sponges, degreaser, Rubber gloves

-          Garbage bags: size 33 gallon (smaller bags do not fit the garbage cans).

-          Toilet paper: 2-3 ply - we have 6 toilets - many quilted types cause blockages.

-          Container(s) for ice and kegs.

Optional items others have supplied

-          Grills

-          Golf carts

-          Speakers or DJ

-          Decorations (Ceiling & Walls)

-          Container(s) for ice and kegs.