Three Saints Park
2019 Costs & Applications

2019 Half day Application 
Please contact us for the latest Application.

2019 Full Day Application 

A Typical one-day event costs $1,900

1 Donation & Fees
1,480 dollars
1 Security Deposit 210 dollars
1 Insurance Fee 210 dollars

-A Typical one-day event with 75 to 200 people that will be serving beer and wine with a meal will be $1,900 with a 200-dollar Security/Cleaning deposit refunded to you upon proper cleanup. That is a Total out of pocket expense of $1,700 for the entire day. 

Insurance Fee subject to change according to event needs. See One-Time-Event Ins Form Below.

Application Process

Download the Application below or email us for a copy.
Contact us to confirm your date is still available or to set up a Site tour.
Complete & Send us your Application.

Payment options Found in Application: Pay On-Line or by Check.

We will confirm by email  -each step of the way.

Click here or on the image to download a PDF File for your use

Please feel free  to contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss any questions or comments you may have.